10 Things In Tech You Need To Know Today

Good morning! It’s a rainy day here in London. Again. Here’s the tech news you need to know today.

1. Uber has hired Goldman Sachs to raise money. The new funding could see the company valued at $US40 billion.

2. Samsung’s CEO will keep his job despite the company’s financial woes. Profits have fallen 60%.

3. Obama is pushing to roll out body cameras for police across the US. He wants Congress to authorise $US75 million for the devices.

4. The FBI is warning that hackers are using malicious software to attack US companies. This follows the giant hack on Sony Pictures last week.

5. Steve Jobs’ emails and video deposition will play a key part in Apple’s upcoming iPod antitrust case. Apple could have to pay $US350 million in damages.

6. Nintendo has filed a patent to bring Game Boy games to iPhones. The company could just be protecting its IP.

7. Microsoft officially announced that it has acquired email app Acompli. It accidentally revealed the acquisition last week.

8. Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak will star in a new reality TV show about gadgets. The show is called “The Woz.”

9. The Russian memorial to Steve Jobs that was torn down after Tim Cook came out as gay is up for sale. It’s priced at around $US95,000.

10. Microsoft is abandoning Clip Art in favour of Bing Images. It helps find creative commons images.

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