10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the tech news you need to know this Tuesday.

1. Google has launched Android Nougat, the next version of its mobile operating system. It is out of beta, and starting to roll out to Nexus smartphones.

2. Gawker has closed. The gossip and politics blog has shuttered following a lawsuit from pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan bankrolled by Silicon Valley billionaire investor Peter Thiel.

3. Lyft’s president says the company was not looking to sell its business, and it is not for sale. There have been rumours that the ride-hailing company talked to six different companies about an acquisition, but failed to find a buyer.

4. Pokémon Go has got an update that adds a lot more strategy to catching pokémon. You can now learn about a pokémon’s attack and defence capabilities.

5. Tableau shares are flying after it replaced its founding CEO with an Amazon exec. Adam Selipsky is taking the reins of the data visualisation software company.

6. The year old iPhone 6s blows away the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a speed test. Apple’s flagship smartphone still has the edge.

7. Amazon is planning a cheaper music-streaming service that only works with its connected Echo speaker. It will reportedly be half the price of rival Spotify.

8. Apple has acquired a health tech company called Gliimpse. Apple is slowly turning into a health-tracking company.

9. Verizon is making a foray into the “game changer” technology that Wall Street is pumped about. It is experimenting with blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin.

10. There may be a third iPhone model released next year with a better, curved screen. Apple is expected to significantly revamp the iPhone for its tenth birthday in 2017.

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