10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Welcome back to work if you had a long Easter weekend. Here’s what you need to know to begin your week.

1. Google is working on a mobile network that could allow free international roaming and cheap overseas calls. The company is reportedly in talks with the parent company of mobile operator, Three.

2. Microsoft just turned 40. The Economist did a deep dive on the company and its leader, Satya Nadella, who seems to have “f— Windows strategies.” The company also just finished a round of layoffs.

3. A bitcoin exchange backed by Google Ventures, Buttercoin, is shutting down because it wasn’t able to raise a new round of financing.

4. Ellen Pao just gave her first interview since losing the gender discrimination lawsuit against her former firm, Kleiner Perkins. “From what I’ve heard from women, they do feel like there’s no way to win,” Pao told WSJ. “They can’t be aggressive and get this opportunity without being treated like they have done something wrong.”

5. The Apple Watch may not be allowed in Switzerland — at least not for a few more months. There’s a patent conflict, but it expires in December.

6. Apple TV, which is due out later this year, won’t support 4K videos. Buzzfeed was told it’s because the technology is “still in its infancy.”

7. A partner at Founders Fund thinks all this talk of tech bubbles and dying startup unicorns is “sensationalism.” He says startup burn rates — how much companies spend per month — don’t matter.

8. There’s a startup called Bitstrips that a bunch of celebrities are using to create emoji of themselves.

9. A founder spent time trying to teach a homeless man, Leo Grand, to code. But 1.5 years later, Grand is still on the streets and he isn’t programming much anymore. “Because you know, life, you know. Things going on. You have to do this, you have to do that,” Grand told Mashable.

10. Google and Apple’s new computers might not sound very impressive today, but here’s why they’re the future.

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