10 things in tech you need to know today

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre
Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre. Getty Images News

Good morning, here’s the technology news you need to know to start off the week.

1. The parent company of British newspaper The Daily Mail is investigating a bid for Yahoo. The Daily Mail & General Trust PLC is reportedly in talks with private equity companies.

2. SpaceX successfully landed its rocket on a barge in the ocean on Friday. The goal of the launch was to send the Dragon cargo spacecraft up to the International Space Station (ISS) where it will drop off an expandable-habitat module.

3. British spy agency GCHQ reportedly spied for Harry Potter leaks online. The agency contacted publisher Nigel Newton to warn him of what appeared to be a leaked copy of a new Harry Potter book.

4. Twitter appointed Martha Lane Fox and PepsiCo’s CFO to its board on Friday. Martha Lane Fox is a British internet entrepreneur who cofounded LastMinute.com.

5. The FBI says there’s been a “dramatic rise” in an email scam that has stolen more than $2.3 billion (£1.6 billion) from companies. It involves faking emails from a CEO to staff.

6. The US government still wants Apple to help it crack an iPhone in New York. A letter published on Friday by the government says it still wants Apple’s help.

7. Google’s California headquarters was evacuated after threats on Friday afternoon. Nothing was found at the site.

8. Jay Z’s music service Tidal has a much lower percentage of white listeners than its competitors. In March, 2016, analysts found that 45% of US Tidal app users identified as black, compared to 16% on Spotify, and 20% on Pandora.

9. Facebook is now showing people weather forecasts. It hasn’t made any public announcements about the feature yet.

10. Loot, the student banking app set up by a 22-year-old, is raising over £1 million. It’s launching a redesigned app to rival Mondo.

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