10 Tech Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning Techland! Here’s what we’re seeing today on our old-timey news ticker machine:

  1. Revealed: Google’s mysterious floating sea barges are … giant party boats for Google Glass!

  2. On Nov. 6, Cisco will finally show off what it hopes will be a game-changing product built from its super-secret startup Insieme Networks. The product stems in part from a $US1 billion deal with Amazon that collapsed before it was finalised. Insieme is creating Cisco’s answer to a new technology called “software defined networking” (SDN).

  3. Look at all the illegal stuff that happens on Instagram.

  4. The FAA has decided it will let you keep your devices on during takeoff and landing.

  5. Just because a guy texts you a lot doesn’t mean he’s in love with you.

  6. Here’s what Facebook’s new artificial intelligence unit is up to.

  7. Google releases new Android operating system update, called KitKat, and a new Nexus 5 phone from LG that runs it.

  8. Look at this iPad Air teardown.

  9. Time Warner lost that fight it had with CBS – it reported a decline of 306,000 subscribers.

  10. This crowdsourced local newspaper idea is really interesting — but we’re not sure it will save newspapers.

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