10 things in tech you need to know today

Palmer LuckeyBI Screenshot/FacebookOculus founder Palmer Luckey (right) delivers the first Rift in Alaska.

Happy Monday! Here’s the tech news you need to start out your week.

1. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer downplayed the biggest threat facing the company, and it could end up getting her fired. The fight between Mayer and activist investor Starboard Value took a dramatic turn late last week when Starboard publicly floated a plan to replace Yahoo’s entire board of directors.

2. Oculus founder Palmer Luckey hand delivered the first Oculus Rift headset over the weekend. The long-awaited virtual reality headset launches on Monday.

3. A pregnant startup founder’s experience fundraising is exposing a big problem in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has been grappling with gender equality and diversity for years. And a recent blog post about a pregnant startup founder shows that the issue remains a hot-button topic that the industry has yet to come to terms with.

4. Netflix has revealed an elite category of binge-watcher. In a video describing how Netflix views binge-watching, a Netflix exec said there was a percentage of Netflix users who will finish a Netflix series in the exact amount of time it has been up on the streaming site.

5. The new iPad Pro is here, and it’s a lot different. The smaller iPad Pro feels as if Apple took the already excellent iPad Air 2 and supercharged it with a better screen, more power, and the option to connect it to a keyboard or use it with the well-received Apple Pencil.

6. Uber is forcing some users to reset their passwords after the company saw a spike in account takeovers in February.Uber confirmed to Business Insider that the emails are real, and says that the company did not have a recent security breach.

7. Microsoft has created a “Star Wars”-style holographic communication demo. A new demo of its Hololens headset shows how two people located across the world could still interact as if together in the same room.

8. A single from Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo” is finally available on Apple Music and Spotify. The full album is still a Tidal exclusive, however.

9. Microsoft is now shipping its delayed $8,999 Surface Hub displays to businesses. The massive tablet designed for conference room walls had been delayed twice before.

10. Netflix’s US catalogue has shrunk by almost 32% in the last two years. Netflix’s selection of movies dropped by 33.2%, and its roster of TV shows dropped by 25.6%.

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