10 Things You Need To Know In Advertising Today

Acura ad
Acura’s new ad campaign will rely heavily on digital. YouTube, Acura

1. Acura launched a new campaign that will not rely on broadcast TV.Instead, the company will shift its ad dollars and rely on online advertising and digital videos, with over one-third of the budget being allocated to digital.

2. Companies including Hulu and Vegas.com have begun using the smartphone app Anomo to serve ads. With Anomo, brands lack the ability to target an ad to a specific demographic because all users are anonymous.

3. The 100 biggest business-to-business companies spent nearly $US5 billion on advertising in 2013, according to Ad Age. The fastest growing area for b-2-b companies is in online advertising.

4. Virool launched ActivView last week, a number of new platforms for advertisers to distribute videos. The three new products include ActivStream, ActivPage, and ActivSocial.

5. Media measurement company Rentrak bets on the future of addressable TV, the practice of sending a specific ad to a specific audience. The company recently increased its local TV client list to 350.

6. Facebook has banned brands from promoting pages to users in exchange for perks, including giving users access to special content.

7. Many traditional media companies experienced one of its worst quarters, with TV advertising only growing 0.2%. The Wall Street Journal argues the availability of social media for advertising can help marketers save on advertising costs.

8. HP tapped into Vine to create its latest ad. The new 30-second spot was made entirely out of the looping videos.

9. Mashable CRO Seth Rogin thinks the term native advertising needs to be retired, as too many people have a different meaning for the term. Rogin suggests the publishers use the term branded content instead.

10. A study from TubeMogul shows the best way to increase a company’s revenue and get people to buy more online is to show ads with high viewability.