10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know This Morning

1. Twitter reported a 124% increase in year-on-year revenue. Ad Age reports 89% of that can be attributed to ad revenue, and of that, 81% came from mobile advertising.

2. Mountain Dew tested out Twitter’s click-to-call feature to promote Baja Blast, one of the product’s limited time flavours. When users tapped the call button on their phones, they heard a recording of spokesperson Paul Rodriguez and then had to leave a message if they wanted a chance to win one of the last ten cases of the product.

3. Police in the UK are going to use online ads to their benefit for a new initiative to stop illegal streaming online. Operation Creative will target websites that have been reported as sites that allow illegal streaming. Display ads will run on the site, alerting users if the site is on a watch list.

4. A number of organisations have expressed concern over Facebook’s tracking system and are asking the FTC to take another look at it. Facebook argues users can opt out of tracking, which helps the site deliver more targeted ads to users.

5. A Rhode Island-based agency, Nail, tries to create a pre-roll YouTube ad that users don’t want to skip rather than sticking one of its TV ads on the site. Nail believes people skip YouTube ads 90% of the time and so the agency aimed to create a spot that users couldn’t miss.

6. According to a report from OneSpot, 22% of 487 surveyed marketers believe that all online ads will become native ads. On the other hand, 9% of people surveyed think that native is just a phase of online advertising and will not last.

7. Ad Exchanger looks at The Washington Post’s success with native advertising and some of the greatest challenges that come with running these ads.

8. Even though Rubicon Project hasn’t been profitable this quarter, many people are investing in the potential future of the company, the Wall Street Journal reports.

9. MTV turned to Snapchat, rather than Facebook or Twitter, for its latest real-time marketing stunt. MTV used Snapchat to announce the nominees for this year’s Video Music Awards.

10. Digiday explores banner ads and why no one likes them, especially the people who design the ads. Designers would much rather work with custom ad placements.

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