10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know Today

1. Advertising Week, a weeklong gathering, kicks off in New York City today.

2. Facebook its own ad platform, Atlas. Facebook purchased Atlas from Microsoft earlier last year.

3. Here’s an in depth look at some of the new features and capabilities including cross-device measurement capabilities.

4. Some executives in the ad tech are using the game Words With Friends to develop business relationships and eventually, make deals.

5. Undertone released its own programmatic platform, Virtuoso. The platform will have a programmatic direct offering and its own exchange.

6. Here’s a breakdown of what it costs to run a 30 second advertisement on a broadcast network. Football, “Big Bang Theory,” and “Scandal” are among the most expensive time slots.

7. Programmatic ad buying may increase by 52% this year, up to $US21 billion globally.

8. Hedge fund Starboard Value is urging Yahoo to look into a merger with AOL. Starboard Value recently acquired a sizeable stake in Yahoo.

9. Integral Ad Science launched Casual Impact, a tool that will help measure viewability of digital ad campaigns.

10. Starbucks has launched a brand-focused ad campaign that focuses on the company’s customers. The first 30 second for the “Meet Me At Starbucks” campaign says the ads were filmed in 28 countries in just 24 hours.

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