10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know Today

1. Ello, an invite-only social network, takes an interesting approach to advertising. The site says it will not run ads in order to protect the privacy of all Ello users.

2. VivaKi, owned by Publicis Groupe, announced its launching a Quality Index through Audience On Demand, the company’s trading desk.

3. Yahoo is lagging behind other big companies like Google and Facebook in terms of its ad tech stack.

4. OPEN global media management argues open exchanges are still worthwhile, in an industry that values private exchanges.

5. Media Post’s Real-Time Daily blog will use Qriously’s real time polling services to gauge how people feel about advertising in their daily lives. The data will be collected to create an Ad Sentiment Index.

6. One third of UK households are using smartphones and tablets to do the majority of their web browsing.

7. Here are five charts that look at the truth behind mobile advertising.

8. 90% of American believe video and mobile content will become the future of advertising.

9. The native ad network Vibrant Media gets into the programmatic space. The company has officially taken its ad exchange out of beta testing.

10. Banner ads may be broken, but Mediassociates vp of strategic planning argues they can be fixed.

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