10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know Today

1. Amazon has a new feature just in time for the holiday season that lets users add items to their Amazon Wishlists by tweeting.When users see a tweet with an Amazon link in it, they can reply to the tweet with #AmazonWishList.

2. AOL Canada announced it will shift all of its ad inventory, on all of the sites it owns, to a programmatic buying method.

3. The new CEO of Clorox says he won’t follow the lead of other P&G brands that have cut marketing spend. Benno Dorer says he plans to invest in the brand and will continue to expand globally.

4. Mediaocean discusses the benefits of using automated guarantee buying, where ad inventory is reserved and set at a fixed price when buying ads programatically.

5. Tube Mogul released its Viewability Audit Research showing viewability rates for inventory not bought through Tube Mogul’s platform.

6. Havas Media’s chief executive Paul Frampton argues outdoor ads that cannot necessarily be targeted because they reach a very broad audience will be the next big area for programmatic advertising.

7. The Mobile Marketing Association has formed its very first Internet of Things Incubation Council. This group will be tasked with keeping brands in the loop on the Internet of Things (IoT), including wearable devices and connected cars.

8. CNN and Genworth, a life insurance provider, have teamed up making Genworth the first company to test out CNN’s Content Development Studio. CNN will produce creative for the brand and also develop content for the brand’s website.

9. Cable TV channels are dominating YouTube, beating out the top broadcast networks including Fox, ABC, and NBC.

10. Video streaming site DramaFever and ad platform true[x] believe showing longer, interactive ads before content plays is better than breaking up the content with multiple, shorter ads.

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.

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