10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know Today

Maurice LevyPublicis groupe / YouTubeMaurice Levy, chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe

1. Starcom Mediavest Group, owned by Publicis Groupe, announced a two-year partnership with Nielsen Catalina. The agreement will take Nielsen Research viewer data and Catalina Marketing shopper data and integrate that into Starcom Mediavest Group’s technology.

2. Ad Age puts together a video to explain ad fraud in terms a child would understand.

3. One guy experienced the most targeted ads about swallowing pills on Facebook. He swallows swords but has trouble swallowing pills, so his roommate used Facebook’s advertising tool, Custom Audiences, to prank him.

4. Here’s how Alibaba runs its advertising, which accounts for roughly half of the company’s overall revenue.

5. Many ad tech companies are starting to bring together programmatic and native advertising. Before doing this though, publishers need to answer a few questions including how they define programmatic and native.

6. A new study from Signal reveals marketers feel the current ecosystem is too fragmented, making cross-platform marketing difficult.

7. Facebook released an updated Ads Manager platform to a handful of clients, creating a single platform for Ads Create, Ads Manager, and Ads Reporter.

8. Radius, a software company founded by a former Facebook engineer, raised $US54.7 million in funding.

9. B2B print advertising revenue dropped this quarter, but event revenues and digital revenues were up.

10. Extend TV, a company focused on helping small and local businesses with TV advertising, officially launched its programmatic advertising platform.

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