10 Things You Need To Know Before The Opening Bell

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Good morning. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Asian markets were higher in overnight trading, with the Shanghai Composite up 0.31%. Major European indices are all higher this morning. The U.S. opened higher. Now, here are the 10 unusual stocks attracting huge interest this morning >
  • ISM Manufacturing data came in better than expected. Read about it here >
  • Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have gathered in Cairo’s main square to protest President Mubarak’s regime again today. There are some concerns today could see a violent government crackdown on the protesters. Watch out, here are the 7 global oil choke points that could halt the world economy >
  • Jordan’s King Abdullah just dismissed his entire government and appointed a new Prime Minister. That Prime Minister has been tasked with creating “true political reforms” in the country, in response to recent protests there.
  • Chinese PMI data yet again showed growth in January, although it was flat, possibly due to tightening measures put in place by the government. Input prices rose in India’s PMI, indicating that inflation continues to be a concern there. Don’t miss: Amazing satellite images of China’s ghost cities >
  • The UK’s PMI came in at the highest level in its history at 62, nearly a 4 point rise over December. Input prices continue to surge, and are now at 84.9, up from 80.3 in December, and 73.8 in November. Check out how inflation is creating food riots around the world >
  • The ECB stopped buying sovereign bonds last week as a result of declining pressures on eurozone fringe states. The stoppage in the bond buying program could be viewed as a tightening measure to combat the region’s rising inflation. Here are the 10 economic threats you should have on your radar right now >
  • Cyclone Yasi looks likely to make landfall in Australia in the next 24 hours. The storm is expected to bring massive winds, a huge storm surge, and more rain to the flood ravaged area of Queensland, Australia. Click here for pictures of the biblical flood we’ve seen so far >
  • Sanofi-Aventis looks likely to complete its acquisition of Genzyme by next week. Both companies have now agreed to the “broad terms” of a deal.
  • Construction spending came in lower than expected. Read about it here >
  • Wall Street executives are being warned of potential terrorist attacks, with executives being targeted by name. Al Qaeda in Yemen are the alleged source of the recent threats. Don’t miss: 10 geopolitical threats you may be ignoring right now >
  • Bonus: Gwyneth Paltrow says “people are so mean to me,” particularly over her online newsletter, Goop.

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