10 things you need to know in markets today

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know in markets on Tuesday.

  1. Amazon is said to be close to selecting two cities as the site of its second headquarters, dubbed HQ2: the Long Island City section of Queens, New York, and the Crystal City area of Arlington, Virginia, The New York Times reported.Here’s why that could be a real bad idea.
  2. The US midterm elections are here! Control of the Senate could go either way, so keep an eye on the “thin red nine.” While pollsters predict Democrats will flip the House, they say chances are much slimmer that the “blue wave” will reach the Senate. Experts say the chances of a “blue wave” could depend on these nine races.
  3. Meet China’s mysterious H-20 nuclear bomber which has reportedly made “great progress” and may even fly publicly next year. While little is known about the much-hyped H-20 bomber, experts say it’s less about nuclear deterrence patrols and more about fighting actual wars.
  4. Shares in Apple’s Asian suppliers are in steep decline Tuesday following a report the tech giant has canceled a production boost. Big name suppliers like Foxconn are taking a dive after reports the iPhone-maker scuppered additional production lines dedicated to its new iPhone XR.
  5. China’s central bank said bubbles in blockchain financing are apparent, and that the government should strengthen supervision to fend off financial risks.Speculation, market manipulation and other irregularities in blockchain-related investment and financing are common in the country, it said.

  6. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe just smashed the record for the fastest human-made object.And it’s only just getting started on a series of feats that defy comprehension.

  7. The electric-scooter company Bird can’t fully launch in Britain yet, (thanks to a few arcane public road rules) but the buzzy US startup has still found a clever route into Albion. From Tuesday, Bird says it will make its scooters available along a route in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London, thanks to “multiple private landowners.”
  8. Ivanka Trump’s brand took out a bunch of new Chinese trademarks in October, despite closing up shop in July. The president’s daughter filed trademarks for everything from umbrellas to sausages raising eyebrows and questions of continued conflicts of interest.
  9. Sworn competitors in an ultra-low-cost-carrier-world just became one with Wow Air, acquired by Icelandair, subject to approval. Wow Air shareholders are set to receive 5.4% of Icelandair’s value at $US18 million to $US25 million.
  10. Superbug infections resistant to multiple antibiotics kill around 33,000 people a year in Europe, health experts said on Monday, and the burden of these diseases is comparable to that of flu, tuberculosis and HIV combined.