10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

James Packer’s Crown Casino is back in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. (Photo by Scott Barbour, Getty Images)

Comin’ Tuesday I feel better — even my old man looks good.

1. Crown Casino is again in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The ABC has reported whistleblower allegations that the Casino is exchanging chips for huge amounts of cash from big-time punters visiting Australia, without doing the required documentation. Crown has wholly denied the allegations.

2. Facebook has taken the unusual step of responding directly to one of its biggest critics, US Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. The social media company tweeted at Warren oddly suggesting that it has the same broadcasting standards as a media network — despite having gone to great lengths to avoid the same regulations that are applied to one.

3. In fact, co-founder Mark Zuckerberg appears to be becoming more politically active, as the 2020 Presidential elections draw closer. It’s been revealed that Zuckerberg has been meeting with conservative commentators close to Donald Trump, possibly trying to win support from the Republican Party, which has accused Facebook of censorship. Perhaps not liking the Zuck is the one thing that can bridge the American political divide?

4. Uber is trying to cut the fat, firing around 350 employees this week, in its third round of layoffs in the US. Those cuts could hurt the Australian arm of the business as well with the global teams also in the firing line.

5. In Australia, Winning Appliances CEO John Winning has lashed millennials — his own generation — for their bad work ethic. “You train them up and by the time they’ve finished the two-month training, they’re either looking for the next thing or asking for a promotion or more money,” he said. The millennial trashing is reminiscent of Bernard Salt’s infamous comments that the generational love of smashed avo was keeping them out of the property market and may yet draw the same online backlash.

6. As if the hardware store could grow any bigger, Bunnings is now launching a new online marketplace for all the things you can’t buy in their fifty-aisle stores. No comment on if you’ll be able to add a sausage sanger to your online cart.

7. Taking inspiration from overseas, there’s a new push within Australia to roll-out another tax — this time on congestion. Under the proposed scheme, drivers would be charged a fee for driving through a city’s CBD during certain peak periods, in a bid to reduce traffic. Don’t worry though, the brains trust behind the idea, the Grattan Institute, says it’ll only really affect the rich who can afford to pay it — kind of nullifying the whole idea in my humble opinion.

8. Barely a day since Trump lauded his trade agreement with China, the deal looks threatened already, as China says it isn’t ready to sign anything and weeks of negotiations lay ahead. Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has said new tariffs, the ammunition in all this, could be slapped on China as soon as December. With trade partners like these, who needs enemies?

9. If the world’s serious about fighting climate change, you might have to give up your beloved frequent flyer points. That’s the recommendation from climate researchers, who found that just 15% of all Britons take 70% of all the flights in the country. Take their points and clip their wings goes their thinking

10. From Sweden to Britain, the four day work week is gaining support among politicians as well as employers, with even this Australian company trying it out. Now US Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has become the latest candidate to endorse the common-sense policy and could help it onto the agenda of other Democratic challengers. If Sanders were to barnstorm the White House in 2020, we’re hoping our own government might be inspired, making Thursday the new Friday.


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