10 Things Apple Should Do With Twitter


There’s no reason for Apple to buy Twitter, as rumour had it earlier this week. Apple’s business is to sell more computers, iPods, and iPhones, and owning Twitter won’t help with that at all.

But using Twitter more in Apple products could help, especially as the messaging/microblogging service picks up more steam.

Here’s 10 ideas for how Apple could work Twitter into its products:

  • Twitter support in iChat, Apple’s messaging app.
  • Using Twitter for RSS-like feeds, such as featured iTunes songs, movies, TV shows, movie trailers, iPhone apps, etc.
  • Tweet new photos (and someday, videos) from iPhone, auto-uploaded to MobileMe, TwitPic, YouTube, etc.
  • Tweet new photos from iPhoto on Mac, auto-tagging your Twitter contacts.
  • Twitter contacts in phonebook on Mac and iPhone.
  • Baking Twitter sign-in into iPhone and iPod touch so all apps can access it via one API for things like tweeting game milestones, high scores, etc.
  • Read tweets on Apple TV while you’re watching a video. (Sort of like Yahoo’s new Twitter widget on some TVs.)
  • Twitter search built into Safari as an option.
  • Tweet the song you’re listening to in iTunes or on your iPhone, with link to iTunes download.
  • Suggested iTunes playlists/purchases based on most-tweeted songs.

We’re sure you have some good suggestions. Let us know in comments or via email at [email protected]