10 things the modern gentleman always has in his medicine cabinet

Man in bathroomShutterstockEvery man needs his own medicine cabinet.

The medicine cabinet is an often overlooked aspect of a man’s life.

But having everything you need (and a few luxuries) neatly organised in one place will help you develop a routine and keep your appearance on point.

Toothpaste and deodorant are givens. What we’re recommending are the essentials you never knew you needed, upgrades to current staples, and those little extras for special occasions.

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Every man needs a good face wash in his cabinet.

The harsh surfactants in most bar soaps are not your friend.

Avoid tight, dried out skin by reaching for a mild cleanser like Baxter's Daily Face Wash, which is fragrance-free, gentle, and effective.

Pictured: Baxter of California Daily Face Wash ($US17)

The pre-shave scrub is an important step.

True, you shouldn't scrub your face every day.

But a scrub before you take the razor to your whiskers can loosen up dirt and dead skin hiding in your beard and get your hairs ready for their cutting.

Pictured: Every Man Jack Face Scrub ($US9.95)

Shaving cream is out. Shaving foam is in.

Barbasol works fine for plain old lubrication, but we've advanced beyond that.

A shaving foam is richer, denser, and overall a more pleasant product to put on your face.

Pictured: Nivea Men Shaving Foam ($US7 for a three-pack)

Make a post-shave balm part of your ritual.

After your shave, don't reach for the astringent. An alcohol-based product is the last thing your skin needs after it's been stripped of its oils.

A cooling post-shave balm will moisturize skin and restore balance.

Pictured: Dove Men + Care Post Shave Balm ($US4)

Don't limit yourself to one shaving tool.


Make sure you have the right tool for the job, whether you shave fully every day, every three days, or not at all. Choose your weapons, and always make sure they have fresh blades and are properly charged.

The most important tool for today's man is the beard trimmer, which helps keep a static stubble look.

Pictured: Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor ($US26), Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3500 ($US35) and, Gillette Fusion Proglide ($US11)

Yes, men need to moisturize.

Every day, after you get out of the shower, slap some moisturizer on your face.

This gives your face some relief and -- if your moisturizer has SPF, which it should -- protects against wrinkles and harmful UV rays.

Pictured: Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisterizer ($US28)

Your preferred hair product should be center stage.

Every guy that has hair needs to put product in it. That's just a fact.

Figure out which one works for you (using our handy guide) and make sure it's always in your cabinet.

Pictured: Fellow Barber Styling Cream ($US22)

The better way to floss.

Pick up some floss picks. They make the act of flossing a cinch, and trust us: you'll end up doing it a LOT more because of that.

Pictured: Dentek Floss Picks ($US16 for a six-pack)

A first aid kit, because you never know.

Nothing separates a man from a boy like a tube of Neosporin and a Band-Aid. Don't rely on anyone to bring you meds when you need them. Be prepared.

You'll need provisions for cuts and bruises, colds, headaches, and upset stomachs. Also, chapped lips are nothing to ignore.

Pictured: Band-Aids ($US3) and Neosporin ($US8)

Cologne, if only for special occasions.

Cologne may not be part of your usual routine, but you're going to need it sometimes.

Make sure you have a favourite. Don't actually keep it in your medicine cabinet, though, as the steam and heat of the shower can damage the delicate oils.

Pictured: Gucci Pour Homme II ($US88)

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