10 Things I Learned While Trading For Victor Niederhoffer

victor neiderhofer

I traded for Victor Niederhoffer for about a year starting in 2003. I was up slightly more than 100% for him, primarily trading futures using a quantitative approach. During that period I had one down month: June 2003…

Here are 10 things I learned during my time trading for Victor:

1.) Test, test, test. Test everything you can. If someone says to me, “There’s inflation coming so you better short stocks,” I know right away the person doesn’t test and will lose money. Data is available for almost anything you can imagine. (In my talks, I always discuss the “blizzard system” based on data of what the stock market does depending on how many inches of snow have fallen in Central Park that day).  Victor and his crew would spend all day testing ideas…

2.) Optimism. There’s plenty of reasons every day to assume the world is going to end…

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