10 Terrible Ideas Being Executed Right Now


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Last week, we showed you the 15 most brilliant inventions of the winter.Today we’re rolling out 10 ideas that stood out for another reason. 

While scouring the web for daily million-dollar ideas, we came across some concepts that were highly questionable and others that were downright useless.  You voted and agreed: these recent business ideas are utterly terrible.

There’s a lot to learn even from terrible ideas. Read on for some truly strange sources of inspiration.

10. This App Tells You Where The Closest Woman Is

Reader Poll: 49% think this is a bomb.

The idea: If you're a nerd who spends more time buying IPhone apps than buying girls drinks, you might find yourself wondering, 'Where the ladies at?' Enter this app. Wheretheladies.at uses data from Foursquare to literally point you in the direction of the nearest female.

Whose idea: Jeff Hodsdon and Danny Trinh, who also created a twitter feed for the service so anyone without an IPhone can still find out where unsuspecting ladies are meeting.

Why it's a bomb: The app's compass feature takes stalking to a whole new level. But aside from being the creepiest thing ever, it's also only available in San Francisco, leaving techies all over the globe lady-free.

9. An App For Kama Sutra Positions That Involve The Snuggie

8. Have Dinner In The Sky At A Table Held Up By A Crane (Restroom Not Included)

Reader Poll: 53% think this is a bomb.

The Idea: Enjoy a meal at a table on a platform that's suspended 160 feet above the ground by a crane.

Owned by a Belgian-based company, Dinner in the Sky caters mainly to corporate clients and charges an average of
$38,000 for 22 guests (includes chef, waiter, and entertainer).

Guests are strapped to their chairs and must be at least four feet tall. The table is attached to the platform. It takes about two hours to set up the crane and raise the platform.

Dinner in the Sky events have been hosted in Paris, London, Brussels, Las Vegas and other cities. The venue can also be used for business meetings and weddings. The company offers inclement weather insurance and U.S. customers get an extra $10 million liability insurance policy.

Whose idea: Entrepreneurs David Ghysels and Stefan Kerkhofs

Why it's a bomb: Despite the amazing view, not everyone would enjoy being strapped to a chair in the hopes of not plummeting to their death before dessert is served. If you do decide to dine in the clouds, don't forget to use the restroom first. Toilet facilities are not included.

7. A Neck Pillow Attached To An Arm Hammock That Keeps You Warm And Comfortable While travelling

Reader Poll: 64% think this is a bomb.

The idea: If a Snuggie and a straight jacket had a baby, it'd be this latest terrible idea: The Cozy traveller.

This travel contraption is essentially a neck pillow attached to an 'arm hammock.' It's supposed to keep you warm and comfy at the same time (like on aeroplanes without blankets or at an outdoor sports event). It even comes in a full body version.

Whose idea: Chad Hassell and Dave Broadben.

Why it's a bomb: Even the woman in the ad looks uncomfortable. And how would you cheer for your favourite team, as the site suggests, if your hands are stuck in a giant, fleece trap? This is just laughable.

6. Footstickers Make Your Feet Feel Naked Even Though They're Covered

Reader Poll: 64.5% think this is a bomb.

The Idea: Enjoy the sensation of walking and running in bare feet with minimum coverage by wearing Footstickers.

In the latest development of the bare foot craze, Footstickers are what they sound like. Attached with a sticky adhesive, the plastic membranes cover the contact points of your feet and allow the rest of your feet to bend and rebound like they're completely naked.

Nike EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) has reportedly licensed the development of different Footstickers for activities such as yoga and cardio training. Pricing information is not available at this time.

Whose idea: Dutch designer Frieke Severs

Why it's a bomb: For indoor activities, these stickers may provide useful traction while allowing your feet to breathe (read: no stinky feet). However, we're sceptical about how comfortable and durable these stickers really are. They wouldn't work for most outdoor exercises either. Call us old school, but we'll stick with our reliable cross-trainers.

5. A Clip That Prevents Restroom Doors From Opening

Reader Poll: 66.7% think this is a bomb.

The Idea: The Stall Stopper restroom door clip slides on the top or bottom of a public restroom door to provide hands-free privacy when the lock is broken or missing.

In addition to helping you avoid an embarrassing situation, the Stall Stopper also includes a travel-sized pack of tissues, which can be useful if you're out of toilet paper.

The Stall Stopper is available for $4.75 on the official website.

Whose idea: Sharon Clemens

Why it's a bomb: Most people manage to successfully use a public restroom without incident. We also can't think of many men or women who would enjoy handling a device that's placed on unsanitary, bathroom stalls -- much less lugging it around in their pockets or purses.

4. A Self-Service Kiosk That Scans Customers' Faces And Tells Them What To Eat

Reader Poll: 73% think this is a bomb.

The idea: A vending machine/shopping assistant that makes meal suggestions based on Anonymous Video Analytics technology.

If you're too busy to figure out what's for dinner, just ask the 'Next Generation Meal Planning Solution' to do it for you. Another invention that was wheeled out at last week's National Retail Federation expo, the self-service kiosk scans a user's face to determine gender and age and uses this data as well as time of day and other factors to make its recommendations.

The kiosk can also dispense promotional coupons and product samples. If shoppers swipe a loyalty card on their smartphone, the kiosk can make recommendations based on past purchasing history.

Whose idea: A partnership between Intel and Kraft Foods.

Why it's a bomb: Surprise, surprise the kiosk will only recommend Kraft products. Unless you want a meal that consists of Mac & Cheese, Triscuits, Jell-O and Oscar Mayer hot dogs, do your shopping the old-fashioned way. There is also the highly dubious face-scanning technology. The factors that determine what would appeal to a man versus a woman seem subjective at best.

3. MeatWater Is Like Vitamin Water, But Gross

Reader Poll: 74% think this is a bomb.

The idea: MeatWater. It's a real thing. Like Vitamin Water, it's flavored water enriched with protein. Except, instead of lemon or raspberry, MeatWater tastes like dinner, right down to the seasonings. flavours range from the gourmet (moules frites) to the pedestrian (beef jerky).

Whose idea: The culinary genius behind meat-flavored water is Till Krautkraemer, who says his favourite flavour is shrimp salad, 'because it's really, really tasty.'

Why it's a bomb: Have you ever wanted to drink something that tastes like stuffed quail or goulash? Yeah, me neither.

2. A Table With Plungers For Legs That Can Suction To The Floor Or Ceiling

Reader Poll: 78% think this is a bomb.

The idea: This gem was featured in a German talent competition last week--a table with suction cups for legs.

Rubber Table has not four but five plunger-esque legs and a surface made of foam rubber.

'The drain or toilet plunger is an item, which, though it receives little attention, is actually extremely useful,' the designer explains.

Aside from unclogging toilets, of course.

Whose idea: German designer Thomas Schnur is responsible for this aesthetic wonder. According to his website, the 27-year-old trained in both Germany and France. Past projects include a stool made from electric cables and a bench chair.

Why it's a bomb: Schnur definitely wins points for innovation, but unless you're having dinner in the middle of a tornado, the suction cups are a bit superfluous and would seriously clash with the rest of a kitchen's decour.

1. Strap This Vibrating Device To Your Face For A Cheap Nose Job In 3 Minutes

Reader Poll: 81% think this is a bomb.

The idea: Instead of blowing thousands of dollars on a surgical nose job, do it yourself with the Beauty Lift High Nose.

For the bargain price of $144 the device will push up that honker of yours by applying electric vibrations through your nose.

You'll start noticing the difference, according to the maker, after using it for three minutes each day. It is unclear how many days that entails.

Whose idea: Japanese company Omni

Why it's a bomb: Gizmodo described it as 'the silliest face vibrator in town,' which pretty much sums up this invention. According to a few websites, this pink contraption is supposedly a hot item in Japan, however it's safe to say the rhinoplasty industry has nothing to worry about. Plus, this sounds like it'd be hard to get the nose you want -- a one-size-fits-all face probably isn't ideal.

For ideas on how to turn a bomb into a money-maker read this:

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