30 Tech Skills That Will Instantly Net You A $100,000+ Salary

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When you have the right tech skills, you can command a great salary.But it’s an ever-changing target. One day a skill is hot and the next it’s not.

Job site Dice.com just sent us a list of tech skills that are worth over $100,000 a year. And that’s just salary — a new job might also net you bonuses, stock options and the like. (Link, registration required.)

Dice is a tech-specific job hunting site. It sifted through its database of over 83,000 job postings, plus conducted a salary survey with over 15,000 participants, to come up with this list. (Its salary survey also revealed a few other insights about today’s tech job market.)

Many of the skills on this list aren’t, by themselves, worth a high salary. They are often combined with other things HR managers are looking for. But if you have these skills, by all means, add them to your resume.

And you are going to be surprised, because the hottest skills are not always the latest, greatest new thing.

SaaS is worth almost $101,000

Software-as-a-Service or SaaS is a relatively new model for buying software.

Instead of buying it and installing it, a company pays a fee to use it over the Internet. Salesforce.com, founded by Marc Benioff, is the classic example of SaaS.

IT pros with experience managing SaaS contracts, and the other issues that come up (like keeping data safe) are in demand these days.

Data Warehouse is worth $101,000

A data warehouse is a giant database of information. It might include a list of every product ever sold for years.

Companies use it to understand their business.

Traditional data warehouses are becoming old school as new 'big data' technologies are developed but they haven't been replaced yet.

Change Management is worth $101,000

In life, and in especially in technology, the only constant is change.

Change management is systematized approach to dealing with constant change.

There are a variety of certifications that fall under the 'change management' umbrella including some of the other skills on this list like 'lean.'

If possible, add the 'change management' buzzword to your resume.

Azure is worth $101,000

Azure is Microsoft's cloud for hosting apps.

Scott Guthrie, Microsoft's Vice President for Windows Azure, has been convincing the company's loyal following of Windows programmers to toss their apps onto its cloud and interest in Azure is growing.

If you have experience using Azure, play it up!

Nginx is worth more than $101,000

Nginx is free, open-source, high-performance software for running a Web site and handling email.

It was created about 10 years ago by Russian programmer, Igor Sysoev, but has surged in popularity recently, behind other Web servers.

Nginx powers sites like Netflix, Hulu, Pinterest, WordPress.com, GitHub, Zappos and Zynga, to name a few, says Nginx Inc., the project's commercial arm.

Business Intelligence is worth almost $102,000

Business Intelligence is the latest buzzword meaning 'analysis.'

Over the past five years, many BI software programs have been developed to take raw data and turn that into meaningful business insights.

These tools range from the advanced features of a spreadsheet to sophisticated reports used with a large database.

Again, adding the buzzword 'business intelligence' could get you looked at for a high-salaried job.

HP-UX is worth more than $102,000

Another oldie-but-goodie skill.

HP-UX is Hewlett Packard's version of the Unix operating system.

While the Unix-deriviate operating system Linux has slowly been replacing Unix servers in the data centre, there are still customers that use Unix, particularly for big mission critical apps.

Weblogic is worth more than $102,000

Weblogic is a technology owned by Oracle for running apps written in the Java language (also owned by Oracle). Java is very popular, particularly for Web apps.

This is one of the technologies often used with another hot programmer skill on this list, Service Oriented Architecture, or SOA.

Unified modelling Language (UML) is worth more than $102,000

Software today is really complicated.

Enter the Unified modelling Language (UML). This is a visual language for turning complex software designs into an easier-to-understand diagram.

Another job site, Indeed.com, also found that UML was a skill listed in many a job that paid $101,000 or more.

If your background includes managing software projects using UML, play it up in your resume.

Kanban is worth more than $102,000

Kanban is a method for managing software development projects through a visual tracking system.

From the outside, it often looks like a bunch of sticky notes on a board. But it's a philosphy of how to assign tasks so that programmers work efficiently and are not overloaded. It can be a sophisticated method for project management.

Here's more background on Kanban.

SOX is worth more than $102,000

SOX (which refers to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002) is a law regulating how companies disclose financial information.

Sox has created a whole category of IT management called 'compliance.' Compliance covers more than just SOX, it also covers healthcare and financial regulations.

IT managers today are expected to ensure that all technology employees use complies with SOX and other regulations.

PeopleCode is worth more than $102,000

PeopleSoft is a human resources application that was acquired by Oracle in 2005 in one of the most bitter hostile takeovers in software history.

PeopleCode is a programming language used to write custom apps for PeopleSoft.

The founders of PeopleSoft turned around and founded a cloud competitor, Workday, and then tried to nab PeopleSoft customers away from Oracle as their contracts came up for renewal.

But not every corporate customer ditched Oracle and so IT pros who know PeopleSoft are still in demand.

Waterfall is worth more than $103,000

The waterfall model is another method for designing software. This one sees the design process as if it were flowing steadily through several steps, like a waterfall.

This is a classic (otherwise known as very old) method for designing software and if it is something you have used, by all means, add it to your resume.

Scrum is worth at least $103,000

Scrum is a method for managing complex projects.

It was created for software development projects, but the folks at Scrum Alliance say that people are now using the method to manage any big project.

Like many of the skills on this list, mastery of Scrum by itself might not land you a high-paying job. But many big-paying jobs are listing it in their requirements.

FCoE is worth more than $103,000

Fibre Channel is a way to connect computer storage devices together. Fibre Channel over Ethernet is a way to use the Fibre Channel technology with Ethernet.

This IT skill is one that falls into the network manager or storage manager category. If you've worked with FCoE, play it up.

Lean is worth more than $103,000

The 'lean' enterprise is a buzzy business concept these days.

It's all about eliminating waste. It began as a way to reduce costs in manufacturing but it has since been adapted to everything, including something called lean software development.

That term came from a book of the same name, by Mary Poppendieck and Tom Poppendieck.

Korn Shell is worth $103,000

This one is a surprise. Korn shell is a scripting language for the Unix operation system.

Scripting isn't considered to be a particularly high-level programming skill or a particularly hard-to-learn one. But Unix servers are often used for a company's most important applications.

So if you've got Unix skills like Korn in your toolbox, list them on your resume.

Fortran is worth $103,000

Fortran is a programming language developed by IBM eons ago and was used to write apps for mainframes.

It's not a popular programming language with the younger crowd.

Since many giant corporations still have mainframes, and Fortran developers can be harder to find, this skill pays well.

JDBC is worth more than $103,000

JDBC is a Java-based technology from Oracle.

It helps a database connect to an app written in the Java programming language.

Java is a super popular language for writing apps, so lots of skills associated with it pay well and this is one of those skills.

CMMI is worth more than $104,000

CMMI is a sophisticated method for performance management.

It helps companies predict costs, create schedules, and ensure quality.

There's a whole CMMI culture that can train someone on the CMMI models and how to use them.

ETL is worth more than $104,000

ETL is the process of taking data from original sources and putting them into the right format to be used with various types of databases.

This is yet another 'big data' skill that's become hot.

Here's a good primer on today's ETL tools from DataInformed.

Objective C is worth $105,000

Objective-C is a popular programming language.

It's worth a high salary these days because it's the language of choice for writing apps for Apple devices, both OS X (Macs) and iOS (iPhone and iPads).

Jetty is worth more than $106,000

Jetty is an open source project that has become popular thanks to the big data trend.

Jetty is a way to host web sites and web apps. It's particularly good for cloud apps that might need to support thousands of users all accessing the app at the same instant.

Google helped Jetty get popular when it used it for its App Engine cloud computing service.

Mongo DB is worth more than $108,000

Mongo DB is a popular noSQL database.

10gen was founded by former DoubleClick Founder and CTO Dwight Merriman and former DoubleClick engineer and ShopWiki Founder and CTO Eliot Horowitz.

It's been backed by a lot of big names including Red Hat and Intel.

Disclosure: Dwight Merriman, the 10gen cofounder and CEO, cofounded Business Insider and is an investor and board member.

SOA is worth more than $109,000

A Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a method of developing software that allows bits of the software to become 'services' available to other apps.

For instance, the SOA might have a 'customer information' service, which is a little piece of code that inputs a customer name, phone number, etc. into an app.

SOA is one way to create apps for the cloud.

Omnigraffle is worth more than $110,000

OmniGraffle is a diagramming tool just for Macs -- like the Mac version of Microsoft Visio.

It may seem odd that knowing this tool could be something wanted in a $110,000 job. But it's also popular tool for complex diagramming tasks like website wireframes and graphic design.

PMPbok is worth more than $110,000

PMI's Project Management Professional is probably the most universally recognised certification for project managers.

The PMPbok cert is the one for the trainers. It makes sure they are qualified to teach PMI classes.

Although it not an IT-specific cert, PMP is the one most IT project managers get, and most IT employers want, and if you've always wanted to be a teacher, this might be one area to look into.

NoSQL is worth more than $113,000

NoSQL is a new kind of database that is part of the big data phenomenon.

NoSQL has sometimes been called the cloud database.

Regular databases need data to be organised. Names and account numbers need to be structured and labelled. But noSQL doesn't care about that. It can work with all kinds of documents.

There are a number of popular noSQL databases including Mongo DB, Couchbase, Cassandra. If you know one, or more, of them, be sure to use the trendy word 'noSQL' in your resume.

Big Data is worth more than $114,000

Big data is the buzzword for a new kind of software that analyses large volumes of data.

It can handle massive amounts of information in all sorts of formats -- tweets, posts, e-mails, documents, audio, video, whatever.

There are four basic technologies that make up the 'big data world' analytics, in-memory databases, NoSQL databases and Hadoop.

Master those and you'll be fighting off the job offers for years to come.

Hadoop is worth more than $115,000.

Hadoop is a super hot up-and-coming 'big data' technology.

Hadoop is open source software used to gather and store vast amounts of data and analyse it on low-cost commodity hardware.

For instance, banks may use Hadoop for fraud detection, online shopping services for analysing customers buying patterns.

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