10 surprising places Australians are heading for holidays

Tel Aviv in Israel is growing in appeal for Australians. Photo: Boris Stroujko/ Shutterstock.

Need some travel inspiration?

While consulting travel guides for popular destinations is the safest bet, there’s plenty of opportunity to take the less beaten track to discover new places.

Travel booking site kayak.com.au has compiled a list of trending holiday destinations for Australia in 2016 based on the cities which experienced the biggest surge in visitors from 2015 to 2016.

Many Australians are now travelling to Bogota in Colombia with bookings on the travel platform up 25%, Manchester in the UK up 52% as well as Hyderabad in India whose bookings have more than doubled since 2015 increasing by 148%.

Here are 10 up-and-coming destinations to consider ticking off your bucket list.

1. Colombo, Sri Lanka

Photo: SurangaSL/ Shutterstock.

2. Hyderabad, India

Photo: SNEHIT / Shutterstock.com.

3. Bogota, Colombia

Photo: Jess Kraft/ Shutterstock.

4. Manchester, UK

Photo: Shahid Khan/ Shutterstock.

5. Hanoi, Vietnam

Photo: Hanoi Photography/ Shutterstock.

6. Manila, Philippines

Photo: r.nagy/ Shutterstock.

7. Kathmandu, Nepal

Photo: Alexander Mazurkevich/ Shutterstock.

8. Nadi, Fiji

Photo: Henryk Sadura/ Shutterstock.

9. Tel Aviv, Israel

Photo: Boris Stroujko/ Shutterstock.

10. Cairo, Egypt

Photo: Mikael Damkier/ Shutterstock.

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