The 10 Ballsiest Traders Of The Last 300 Years

Kyle Bass

Aftab Singh over at sent us this amazing infographic showing what he and his crew believe to be the 10 greatest trades of all time.

The message is that every major financial event over the past 300 years has had its own “big short” protagonists who rode market turbulence off into the sunset.

The list is divided into five bulls and five bears — those who bet long, and those who predicted catastrophe. 

The South Sea Bull

The John Paulson of 1837

The Bearish Wunderkind

The First Great Value Investor

The Man Who Brought JP Morgan To His Knees

Dr. Doom Pre-Incarnate

The Frankfort Jew

The Depression Era Opportunist

The Style Drifter

The Hedge Fund Rockstar

For more extraordinary personalities...

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