10 Situations Where Your Gut Knows Best

  • Flickr agingdragqueenDoes someone seem extraverted and conscientious to you? You’re probably right. If the person you’re with is attractive you should trust your instincts about their personality even more. There are a number of things you can probably guess about someone’s personality from a glance.
  • Trust your gut when determining who is a nice person and who is a criminal. You can probably tell which men are dangerous and which are trustworthy. People can differentiate Nobel Prize winners from America’s Most Wanted.
  • Someone’s face will probably tell you if they are a Republican or Democrat.
  • You have a better than average chance of telling if someone is homosexual.
  • With children and adults you can probably trust the vibe you get about how smart they are. It’s trickier with teens and the elderly.
  • If you think someone might be a psychopath, you’re more likely to be right than wrong. On the flip side, do you happen to be a stone-cold psychopath? If so, trust your gut to tell you who would make a good victim.
  • Even if they’re not wearing Prada or a Rolex, you can probably tell who is rich.
  • 6 seconds of observation will tell you who is good at their job.
  • Trust your gut about whether a neighbourhood is safe.
  • If you listen to your partner’s voice and think they might cheat on you, there’s a fair chance you’re right.

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