10 Sites That Will Help You Outsource Your Life

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Life is short, so why waste your time on boring chores? Especially if you can pay someone else to do it. Whether you’re chained to your desk or feel too lazy to lift more than a finger, we’ve picked out 10 sites that do the dirty work for you. 

Get ready to kiss laundry day, dog walking and more buh-bye. 

Fresh Direct

Why you want it: After a long day of getting chewed out by your boss, the last thing you're up for is a trip to the grocery store.

What you'll get: Just like it says, 'groceries delivered to your door.'

What it costs: A minimum of $30, plus a $5.99 or $6.99 shipping fee, depending on your area.


Why you want it: Your shoe game is looking more LiLo than Diane Kruger these days.

What you'll get: After taking the 3-minute style quiz, users get a 'personalised showroom' of high-fashion accessories and shoes to choose from. From there, they can pick what they like.

What it costs: From $29.99 and up, plus shipping

Virtual Dating Assistants

Why you want it: You're too shy to write about your favourite colour and dog breed.

What you'll get: ViDA will write a profile that makes you sound cooler than you are, and email matches for dates.

What it costs: From $360 a month on up to $1,440, depending on the package.


Why it's convenient: Fido's not going to walk, clean, or board himself.

What you'll get: Someone to walk Fido, and ways to find quality pet sitters, groomers, boarders, etc.

What it costs: Varies by service


Why you want it: You're hungry and too tired to cook.

What you'll get: Endless choices of food to order for delivery or takeout via your iPhone, Android or laptop.

What it costs: Between $10 and $20, plus tip.


Why you want it: The hamper's full, the comforter's soiled and that 'last pair of underwear' is really a swimsuit.

What you'll get: A painless way to search for someone to clean up your mess, fold it neatly, then bring it right back.

What it costs: $10 per load


Why you want it: Have you seen yourself lately?

What you'll get: A well-edited box of beauty goodies delivered to your house each month. It's a fun way to try out new products.

What it costs: $10 a month


Why you want it: You've always wanted to see a dude juggle fire torches while reciting 'The Road Less Traveled.'

What you'll get: A dude juggling fire, someone pretending to be your girlfriend, and other strange tasks accomplished for less than the cost of a taco.

What it costs: $5


Why you want it: You haven't bought a new pair of boxers since 1993.

What you'll get: Undies, socks, razors, condoms and other manly goods delivered to your door every three months. It's basically Birchbox for dudes.

What it costs: Around $30


Why it's convenient: You need something done. Now!

What you'll get: Whether it's having your A/C unit installed, picking up groceries or repairing a mirror, help is just an ad post away.

What it costs: $5 and up

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