The 10 easiest countries for doing business

Ever year, TMF Group, an international professional services firm, publishes itsGlobal Benchmark Complexity Index Report, ranking countries around the world based on how complex they are for doing business from a regulatory and compliance perspective.

The research takes into consideration local legal systems, economic and political events, and cyber security risks.

As a general trend, countries with a common law framework (like the United Kingdom and many former British colonies) are considered less complex to operate in than countries with a civil law framework, like those in Europe and Latin America.

8. United Kingdom

The UK enjoys a unique position for being part of the European Union but out of the Euro zone at the same time.

London is by far the leading market for currency traders and attracts foreign firms like no other city on earth.

Source: Business Insider

6. Australia

As many other former British colonies, Australia enjoys a common law framework as well.

Moreover, in the last ten years Australia has more than halved tariff rates on imports and cut down the corporate tax to one of the lowest rate in the OECD.

Source: PwC

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