10 Ridiculously Belated Movie Sequels That Took A Decade Or More To Arrive

Photo: Sony Pictures/Paramount

Ah Hollywood. They try so hard to come up with new ideas to entertain the masses. Even if we get one or two good ones (“Inception,” “Juno”, most things by Quentin Tarantino), chances are everything else is rehashed.Almost all of those are sequels. So when Hollywood is really feeling the pressure, in come the long belated sequels. You know, the ones that are released at least five years after their predecessors.

And with news of a “Bruce Almighty” sequel coming out (we’re going to forget “Evan Almighty” happened), it’s seems like a great time to go and revisit the films that were made years after the success of their predecessor. There are some really fantastic picks, but most haven’t fared so well.

Whoever thought we would see the iconic J and K again after 10 years of working the secret division of the government known as the Men in Black? The plot here looks like it could go one of two ways -- either it'll be ridiculously fun and action-packed like the first film, or it'll be confusing and a misguided attempt to capitalise on a successful first film like the second film. In this movie, Will Smith's Agent J learns that his trusty partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) has been dead for several decades. J must learn what happened by going back in time to when Agent K was young -- enter Josh Brolin. Good casting and some potential humour make this an anticipated watch for our list.

It was a big surprise- Arnold said he'd be back and he was. But almost 12 years after the truly fantastic second film, 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines' was a decent sequel yet slightly underwhelming.

The plot was familiar- John Connors is still a targeted man and T-101 has to save him again- but it still sounded cool, especially with the introduction of an evil female robot. The action was fun, the acting was fine and the plot made sense but it all felt too safe to make a giant splash.

It was, however, still better than the next film in the franchise, the Christian Bale starrer 'Terminator Salvation', which came 6 years after the third film.

Now that you've seen the good and bad of long awaited sequels, check out what movies we're most excited about this year. And yes, there are sequels there too.

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