10 Amazingly Wasteful Stimulus Projects

How would you spend $787 billion in government money?

Probably not like this.

Unfortunately, the details of the stimulus package had many states’ hands tied – their funds had to be allotted to certain types of projects, or they wouldn’t get any of it.

On those terms, these states did what any of us would do: they took the money and ran with it.

Yes, any form of stimulus spending helps by creating jobs and injecting money into the economy… but some of these are pretty ridiculous.

Senator Tom Coburn outlined the worst offenders in his report, “100 Stimulus Projects: A Second Opinion;” here are our favourites from his list.


Upgrading two little-used border crossings to Canada: $31 million

Installing energy-efficient skylights in alcohol warehouse: $2.2 million

Constructing wildlife road-crossing: $3.4 million

Putting up road signs which explain that construction is being supported by stimulus money: $150,000

Studying how paying attention improves performance of difficult tasks: $850,000

Repaving back-up runway at empty airport: $800,000

Building bridge for Microsoft's headquarters: $11 million

Preventing homelessness in town with no homeless problem: $578,661

Replacing guardrail around empty lake: $1.15 million

Sending stimulus money to dead people: $2.5 million

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