Ask Yourself 10 Questions If You Want To Be Happier At Work

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Photo: noisiestpassenger via Flickr

Want your work to feel more fulfilling? Just do a little soul searching, says Dan Buettner of Psychology Today.Specifically, ask yourself 10 questions. “Examining the answers will help you to maximise the aspects of your job which contribute to overall workplace satisfaction,” Buettner writes.

Here’s what to ask:

  • How is this work important?
  • What can I contribute?
  • What excites me?
  • How can this work challenge me in an ongoing way?
  • Would I do this work even if I didn’t get paid?
  • How does this address my passions?
  • Would I think about my work even when I’m not working
  • Does this work make me feel proud?
  • Can I achieve excellence at this?
  • Can I forge a true friendship with the other people who work here?

According to Buettner, work is one of just six domains that influence our level of happiness, so it’s important to spend time evaluating how to make career situations better. 

Another way to improve career morale? Buettner recommends socializing after work.  “It’s one of the most satisfying activities we do on a daily basis.”

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