Check Out The Awesome 10 Point Plan Of The 'Rent Is 2 Damn High' Party

Jimmy McMillan

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Jimmy McMillan, of the Rent Is 2 Damn High party, is the talk of the town after his stunning performance at last night’s ridiculous NY gubernatorial debate.McMillan, aka Papa Smurf, got 2,615 votes in his 2009 campaign for mayor.

He’s a bit crazy, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this manifesto goes viral.

1. Declaring an Economic Emergency

a. All taxes owed to the State will be waived.

b. Rent Reduction/Roll Rent Back/8 year Rent Freeze. (for business owners and tenants).

This plan will create nearly 3 - 6 million jobs. Jobs that will generate $3 - 6 trillion surplus and more in 2 1/2 years.


2. Housing Homeless Emergency Bill

a. No more Credit Card checks to get an Apartment.

b. Will not allow an abandoned building to exist anywhere in the State.


3. RENT changes

a. Rent control board.

b. Rent stabilisation board.

c. Rent guidelines board.

Change to NYS Rent Board.


4. Travel Tax Deduction

a. Travel tax deduction to the high cost of transit fares / auto gas.



a. College Tuition for eight years.

b. College Tuition waived (will explain).


6. Tax Cut

a. Home - property owners.



a. Landlord tenant courts.

b. Criminal court.


8. Programs that will not be touched

a. Schools / education.

b. Senior citizen programs.


9. Restoring family values is our goal.

a. Making sure one parent is home with the children is our mission.


10. These are the basic principles of life

A roof over your head. Food on your table. Money in your pocket. All that is needed to end the following crises:

a. Jobless crisis.

b. Hunger crisis.

c. Homeless crisis.

d. War on poverty.

But most importantly it brings closure in our fight for 'social justice'. This is the perfect 'stimulus' for the people in the state of New York.


Believe it or not, he's not the craziest candidate...

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