Jury Awards 10 Plaintiffs $10 Million Each From "Shocked" BP

BP Texas City (AP)

The compensatory damage award was $326,000. But the punitives BP faces are massive.

A Galveston jury awarded 10 defendants $10 million each for alleged injuries suffered following a release of unidentified toxic substances at a Texas City BP plant in 2007.

It is the same plant where a 2005 explosion killed 15 and injured 170.

In this case, however, none of the 10 plaintiffs suffered major long-term health effects, the Houston Chronicle reported.  

The plaintiffs should not count their money yet. A monster verdict like this one has a high likelihood of being reduced on appeal. The reactions to the verdict were to be expected — a plaintiffs’ attorney who said he was trying to send a message and an outraged defendant certain to appeal. 

The reason I brought the case is because BP’s record is so horrific, and despite deaths and injuries that continue to occur, nothing’s changed,” Anthony Buzbee, attorney for the plaintiffs, said.

BP representatives said the company is “shocked and outraged.” A company statement said, “The verdict, and punitive damages award in particular, is utterly unjustified, improper and unsupportable.”

The Houston Chronicle has the full story here.

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