10 people tell how their first day at work turned into a nightmare

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Starting a new job can be stressful.

So many things to think about, including lingering doubts about whether the move is the right one and the key question of whether or not you will fit in with new colleagues.

In a global survey by Webonboarding of 4,000 office workers from the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand, almost four in ten (39%) said they had a problem or issue when starting a new job.

And 44% say they had a serious problem either between accepting their offer or starting their job.

General corporate disorganistion is the theme. After putting in a big effort to find the right person for the job, many companies don’t do well getting the candidate settled.

In some of the worst cases, new starters said their new bosses had forgotten they’d hired someone.

Examples of first days in the office, according to the survey:

“People responsible for training were on holidays when I started. So I had to learn on the go and then nothing happened when they returned.”

“At one place, I started work for a solicitor as a secretary. The other girl that was working there invited me to go downstairs for a cup of coffee, which I did. When I got back the solicitor was very angry and said I had no right to take time out. I got fired on the very first day.”

“My boss was actually sacked on the same day .. the guy that hired me.”

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“After accepting the position I was given a start date so resigned from current position only to hear a week later that start date given was incorrect and should be 2 weeks later! So ended up out of work with no income for 2 weeks.”

“The job turned out to be completely different to how it was advertised, so I quit on the first day.”

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“No computer, no phone, no access to systems even though I transferred from one area to another within the same business. It took three weeks before I had access and could begin my work. During that period all I could do was sit and watch others. “

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“My manager went on holiday a week after I started. Came back, resigned in awkward circumstances and I was ‘placed’ in her role, with no training and no say in whether I wanted it or not.”

“I started a new job and was not given any induction training or instructions on how to do the role, just thrown in the deep end in a fast paced environment with other staff yelling at me to do tasks I didn’t know were part of my job.”

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“Being asked to do something that was illegal. I was asked to engage in sham contracting.”

“I didn’t have a desk ready and I was moved twice. An existing staff member was unhappy with me sitting in ‘her’ work-space.”

In the survey, 63% said problems occurred on their first day, with 4 in 10 saying it made them feel like they had joined an unprofessional company.

When asked about their first day at a new organisation, 41% of Australian office workers surveyed said they did not have the basic work equipment such as a computer ready for them.

One respondent said they turned up to no computer or network access for over a week and another was left without a desk or pen and paper.

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