At Least 10 People Killed In Attack On Intercontinental Hotel In Kabul


Photo: Google Maps

One of the best defended hotels in the city, the Kabul Intercontinental Hotel in Afghanistan was attacked Tuesday afternoon.According to the Associated Press, at least one suicide bomber made his way into the hotel’s lobby detonating a vest of explosives.

The attack occurred as hotel guests were having dinner in the restaurant, with reports of gunfire being reported throughout areas of the property.

Update: BBC reports that up to six terrorists attacked the hotel and were engaged by security forces

  • Three bombers detonated vests: at the front gate, the second floor, and the back of the hotel
  • Senior police officials have confirmed a number of officers were wounded
  • Attack began with gunfire heard while most guests were dining
  • The attack was very well organzied
  • The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack


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