10 office styling tips that will inspire your employees

Google is known for its quirky office designs. This is its Budapest-based office in Hungary.

Increasingly savvy companies — especially those in tech — are creating newer, cooler, more innovative spaces for their employees.

Not only should a professional workplace reflect the people and the business as a whole, it should also be an inspiring environment that boosts happiness and productivity.

Officeworks has recently partnered with Australian interior architects David Flack to create office styling tips that are modern and motivating – but won’t break the bank.

Here they are.

1. Select furniture to represent your brand.

This makes a big contribution to creating the character of your office environment. It goes without saying that it needs to be practical, but injecting a little bit of fun or luxury will be an enjoyable point of difference. Opt for quality that can stand the day-in, day-out of office activity – this doesn’t always mean an expensive price tag either.

2. Cohesion is what keeps a business humming along.

Aligning all your stationery and accessories to a colour group or style range ensures that your office looks uncluttered, organised and inviting.

3. Always consider texture. Select practical, simple and durable finishes.

Layer different textures to create warmth and visual interest – not everything has to match.

4. Lighting makes a big impact on the feel of a room.

Adequate task lighting is essential, but overly bright spaces can be an assault on the senses. Wherever possible, let natural light in to create a balanced ambiance.

5. Keep it simple.

Reduce the amount of ideas you have for your space – pick the best one and stick to it. A singular vision with repetition is often most effective.

6. Look at beautiful things.

Having artwork on the walls makes an invaluable contribution to the feel of a space. A large, striking photograph in a minimal frame can take care of this.

7. It’s all in the detail.

Small, nuanced touches like indoor plants or fresh flowers, a scented candle, stacks of beautiful books, and loose sculptural objects bring personality and liveliness to an office environment.

8. Break-out spaces are ideal for re-energising.

Sometimes there’s a temptation to save time by taking lunch in front of the computer, but eating, socialising or even doing some work in a different, pleasant spot away from your desk can be invigorating. Even a just a feature chair by a quiet window could be the solution.

9. Keep business branding to a minimum within the space.

You know why you’re there and clients have already come to you knowing the same! A beautifully designed business card that reflects your brand will do the trick.

10. Music can make all the difference.

Of course, it depends on your environment and others working around you, but wherever possible try to listen to music that makes you feel inspired and enlivened.

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