10 of the coolest products in the 2016 Good Design Awards

Having trouble sleeping? Photo: Good Design Awards.

The results of the 2016 Good Design Awards are out and among the list are some incredibly creative, and quirky, products.

The annual design awards which celebrates excellence, innovation and creativity in design has been running since 1958 and has been overseen by CEO Brandon Gien for the past 20 years.

“When you pick a product up and it makes you smile, that’s not an accident… somebody’s thought really carefully about how to do that,” he said.

The best designs, he said, were ones that were solving a clear problem.

“I always position design in a problem solving context. The projects out there that do really well, they are solving very clear problems. They’re not just a kettle that boils water or a toaster that makes toast.”

Business Insider took a look at the shortlisted projects this year and found some hidden gems and innovative products that would not have existed a decade ago.

“It’s those projects out that there that are solving a problem in a way that says ‘right, our children are playing too many video games, using their iPads’. How do we get them outside in a clever way and use technology because they’re obviously drawn to it and design a product around that experience?

“The pet feeding console is probably another example of that. People are working longer hours, they are probably away from their pets longer, feeling bad about leaving their pets at home without supervision. How we solve that problem?

“So it think it’s more a case of saying technology is growing at such a rapid rate… So how we do take a static product, hook them up to technology, link them up to the grid and actually make them more intelligent to solve a problem?”

This year, the categories spanned from service design, digital design, business model design through to social innovation and architectural design with all finalists judged against a specific evaluation criteria.

The winners were announced on Friday with Flow Hive taking out the top prize.
Here’s a selection of the coolest and quirkiest entries below.

REFRESH-BUTLER is an appliance which eliminates all the odours from smoking or cooking that linger on your clothes. In addition to odour neutralisation, it uses steam so that clothes are always refreshed and free from creases. Which means you'll never have to go to the dry cleaners again.

Photo: Supplied.

Say hello to Man Cave. The cocoon-like home includes an insulated sleeping pod and is the perfect retreat for any guy. It was built inside a two-storey warehouse building in inner-Sydney and is offers a space that is completely switched off from the outside world.

Photo: Supplied.

tgoma isn't just any old trampoline. The trampoline features an interactive digital gaming system that encourages kids (and adults!) to get off the couch and lead an active lifestyle. The system includes high-energy activity games through to educational games to keep users and even allows you to track your activity and set fitness goals.

Photo: Supplied.

With more people downsizing in high density cities, pets are slowing making the move to living in apartments. CleverPet Gaming Console is designed to keep your dogs happy and entertained at home by by challenging them to puzzles -- and rewarding them with treats when they solve one. It uses lights, sounds and touch pads to mentally stimulate dogs and make sure they're not roaming around bored all day.

Photo: Supplied.

Bees are incredibly important but with more people using pesticides these days, the bee population is suffering. Flow Hive challenges the idea that beekeeping is difficult and complex -- the hive can simply be installed in your background and delivers a weekly jar of honey to you. Inside, the bees will manage themselves and complete the comb inside as usual.

Photo: Supplied.

Having trouble sleeping? Dreamwear is a mask which ensures there's a constant supply of air so that you won't have to wake up during the night. It's especially handy especially for sleep apnea sufferers and is made from a soft material so that it's comfortable to wear. It comes in three frame sizes and four sizes of nasal cushion.

Photo: Supplied.

Dulux Snapshot is a portable colour digitiser that allows you to identify the colour of any surface with the press of a button. It's able to find the closest matching colours from the Dulux paint database so that you can choose the desired colour when painting your home or office. It's available as an iOS or Android app.

Photo: Supplied.

Spreedbox is a new nifty way to communicate with your colleagues and even family. The portable box lets your make audio and video calls and exchange files and documents without having to carry your laptop around. All the information is stored on the Spreedbox through the Spreedbox Cloud Communicator.

Photo: Supplied.

The $500 Dyson Supersonic has been one of the most hyped up items this year. It claims to be quieter than than your average hair dryer and also protects hair from heat damage by monitoring the temperature.

Photo: Supplied.

Starling is a wearable device but for kids. Parents can attach the device to babies and infants which monitors their brain development including a record of spoken words. This helps to give an indication of future vocabulary as well as IQ.

Photo: Supplied.

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