The 10 Most Important Things In The World Right Now

Commonwealth GamesREUTERS/Andrew WinningThe flag of Scotland is carried by Euan Burton as they arrive during the opening ceremony for the 2014 Commonwealth Games at Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland.

Hello! Here’s what people will be taking about on Thursday.

1. The Federal Aviation Administration lifted its ban on U.S. flights into and out of Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport. The agency suspended flights to and from Tel Aviv on Tuesday over concerns related to a rocket strike near the airport.

2. A Ukrainian rebel admitted in an interview with Reuters that pro-Russian separatists had a BUK missile system — the type of weapon that U.S. officials believe was used in the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 — and that the missile may have come from Russia. However, the Guardian says news agencies in Russia later reported that “people close to Khodakovsky denied he made the admissions.”

3. Secretary of State John Kerry claims that progress has been made on cease-fire talks around the conflict in Gaza. After more than two weeks of fighting, nearly 700 Palestinians and at least 32 Israeli soldiers and three civilians have died, the New York Times reports.

4. South Korea said on Thursday it plans to spend $US40 billion to boost the economy after announcing a lower-than-expected growth rate this year. The stimulus package will aid home buyers and small businesses, the Wall Street Journal reports.

5. Facebook earnings crushed expectations in the second-quarter. The social network reported revenues of $US2.91 billion, beating analysts’ estimates of $US2.81 billion.

6. An Arizona inmate took two hours to die after his lethal injection. Lawyers for convicted double murderer James Wood say he “gasped and snorted” before being pronounced dead.

7. A teenager who was attempting to set a record by becoming the youngest person to fly around the world in 30 days died when his plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Haris Suleman, from the United States, was 17.

8. More than 1,000 families are being evicted from the world’s tallest slum in Venezuela, known as the “Tower of David.” The squatters will be placed in government housing and the slum may be demolished.

9. A doctor leading the fight against the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leon, Sheik Umar Khan, has contracted the disease. There is currently no cure for the deadly virus, which first appeared in 1976.

10. At least 48 people were killed when a passenger plane crashed in Taiwan. The plane was navigating through stormy weather as it attempted to land at Magong airport.

And finally…

The opening ceremony of Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, the largest sporting event in Scotland, took place on Wednesday. Around 4,500 athletes from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories will participate in the 11-day competition.

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