The 10 Most Important Things In The World Right Now

1. The Israeli government accepted a cease-fire proposed by Egypt following a week of rocket attacks in Gaza that has killed close to 200 Palestinians. The truce calls for “deescalation” on both sides starting Tuesday morning, however, Hamas has not yet accepted the proposal.

2. Microsoft is reportedly planning one of its biggest job cuts in five years. The massive cull could come as soon as this week and “will probably be in areas such as Nokia and divisions of Microsoft that overlap with that business, as well as marketing and engineering,” Bloomberg said.

3. The Church of England’s General Synod voted on Monday to allow women to become bishops for the first time in history. The historic vote was supported by archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who said after the decision that he was “grateful to God and to answered prayers,” the Guardian reports.

4. The World Trade Organisation found that the United States broke the organisation’s global trade rules by improperly applying tariffs on steel and solar panel imports from China and India. Both countries “disputed the way Washington imposed ‘countervailing duties,’ which can only be applied when the exporters are ‘public bodies,’ and how it calculated subsidies on a number of Chinese products,” the Financial Times reported.

5. British foreign secretary William Hague is stepping down, a move that comes before a major reshuffling of Parliament. Hague, 53, will serve as House of Commons leader before leaving politics for good next year to focus on his writing career.

6. Bowe Bergdahl, the American solider who spent nearly five years as a Taliban captive in Afghanistan, returned to active duty on Monday. It’s not clear yet if Bergdahl, alleged to have deserted his unit in 2009, will face a court marshal.

7. Brazil soccer coach Luiz Felipe Scolari resigned after the World Cup host team lost its two final games. Brazil was crushed by Germany in the semi-finals then lost 3-0 to the Netherlands in the play-off. Scolari described the Germany defeat as the “worst day of his life.”

8. Apple may have to delay the launch of its 5.5-inch iPhone 6, or “phablet,” due to manufacturing problems. The issue is related to the phone’s sensitive touch screen. The smaller iPhone 6 is expected to come out in September.

9. Photos on Tuesday showed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervising rocket launches unusually close to the border with South Korea. North Korea often test fires rockets “into waters off its east and west coasts, but state media rarely shows Kim supervising drills so close to South Korea,” Reuters says.

10. A banner featuring a swastika within a Star of David was flown up and down New York beaches over the weekend, angering thousands in Jewish communities along the coast. The banner was sponsored by the Raelian Movement, a fringe religious group, to promote “Swastika Rehabilitation Week.”

And finally…

Hate parking your car? At Dusseldorf Airport in Germany, a robot called “Ray” will automatically manoeuvre your car into a spot and fetch it for you when you come back.

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