The 10 most important things in the world right now

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Hello! Here’s what’s happening on Friday.

1. Four months into the Sino-US trade war and US companies are starting to feel the effects of President Donald Trump’s signature economic policy. Research released Thursday including a survey from the US Fed show that companies across the board, including Tesla and Ford, are already starting to calculate their hurt in the millions as they brace for the real impact to hit.

2. As the mass-migration caravan crosses Mexico and heads to the US border, it is leaving a trail of dark conspiracy theories in its wake.Right-wing conspiracy theorists are going for broke including floating the idea that billionaire George Soros is funding the migrants.

3. China’s controversial currency is quietly tracking toward a 10-year low. The Chinese yuan has continued to weaken overnight, hitting its lowest level against the greenback since January 2017, while the US dollar has rallied more than 11% against the CNY since late March.

4. Saudi Arabia has again changed its increasingly unreliable narrative on the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in its Istanbul, Turkey, consulate. The latest iteration out of the Kingdom confirms that the murder was planned and premeditated, rather than the fistfight-gone-wrong theory that was looking thinner by the hour.

5. Cisco’s CEO is being paid 160-times the average worker’s salary over the last financial year, according to the giant’s latest company filing. Into his third year as chief executive, Chuck Robbins is the $US207 billion networking giant’s most valuable player with a massive price tag to prove it.

6. An ex-New York city detective may have saved actor Robert De Niro’s life from another mailed pipe bomb by watching the news and recognising the dangerous package. The retired New York detective called the bomb squad early Thursday after realising he’d seen a similar package as the one sent to De Niro on earlier news coverage.

7. Americans are being encouraged to get out and vote in the upcoming midterm election, but it turns out that is proving harder than it sounds. Some 30 US states have time-off-to-vote laws, also known as voter-leave laws, which is to say more than 20 don’t.

8. US television personality Megyn Kelly is at a turning point following a spate of recent controversies, Business Insider rewinds the tape to the 2017 IGNITION conference, where she shares some of her regrets. Kelly is said to be leaving NBC. She reflects here on some of the words she would like to take with her.

9. Google CEO Sundar Pichai caved into President Donald Trump during his company’s earnings call and that has people worried. Pichai talked up Google’s contribution to the US economy following sharp criticism from Trump, but the CEO’s reponse of wrapping his company in the American flag is not entirely reassuring.

10. Any other magazine cover and the people of Australia would be cheering … but not this one, its The Economist’s kiss of death. The latest cover from The Economist calls Australia “perhaps the most successful rich economy,” but sadly history shows that could spell big trouble for the economy Down Under.

And finally …

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