The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s what you need to know for Friday.

1. Greece’s Prime Minister, Alex Tsipras, has announced he is resigning less than a year after he was voted into power. Snap elections will likely take place on September 20.

2. Tensions between North and South Korea have reached new highs after fire was exchanged over the border. Kim Jong Un has ordered troops to “enter a wartime state.”

3. HP has announced it will be cutting 55,000 jobs — 5% more than the figure originally announced.

4. Safety hazards have been found at 70% of Beijing factories handling dangerous chemicals, just days after a deadly blast killed 114 people.

5. Emails from the founder and CEO of infidelity website, Ashley Madison, have been dumped online.

6. Thai leaders have gathered to honour the victims of Monday’s deadly bombing which killed 20 people.

7. The Peruvian congress has approved legislation that allows its ground forces to shoot down planes suspected of carrying illegal narcotics. Peru is home to some of the toughest drug laws in the world.

8. Australia is “considering” a request from the US to join its anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria. Australia has already joined the US in Iraq, but its work in Syria has been limited to intelligence gathering and refuelling.

9. British and French police are teaming up to combat Europe’s migrant crisis. British police will join their french counterparts in the port town of Calais after a joint command centre was announced on Thursday.

10. Police say a task force investigating Internet crimes against children has searched Gene Simmons’ home. However, authorities maintain that the Kiss star is not a suspect.

And finally…

Marksmen in New Zealand have had to apologise after culling the wrong bird. The marksmen were supposed to hunt the common pukeko, but instead killed several endangered birds.

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