The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Twitter’s stock plunged after its revenue miss. Twitter’s stock is tanking after the internet company reported Q1 revenue that missed Wall Street targets and it offered a forecast for the current quarter that was far below expectations.

2. Twitter’s CFO hinted that he’s itching to spend company’s $3.5 billion on “game changing” acquisitions. Anthony Noto is particularly interested in ad tech companies.

3. YouTube is launching a new 6-second ad unit you can’t skip. “Bumper” ads have been specifically designed with mobile in mind.

4. Here are 16 famous people who surprisingly started their careers in advertising. Some of the world’s most successful authors, actors, and directors kicked off their careers in advertising.

5. You could start getting Facebook Messenger spam from any website you visit. Brands can’t start chats out of the blue, but they can send sponsored posts — at least in Facebook’s initial tests.

6. There’s a fabulous commercial for Xbox going viral on YouTube and Microsoft had nothing to do with it. A YouTube video called “Player Two” is going viral on YouTube because it is a tear-jerking, super touching story.

7. We sat with a casting director as she put the potential stars of a big ad campaign through their paces. We joined in on a casting session for a TV ad for a well-known restaurant chain.

8. A Google executive creative director explained what he does for a living and why it’s nothing like an ad agency. We spoke to Steve Vranakis, who joined Google in 2011 after a 20-year career in the advertising industry.

9. The latest iPhone ad is a strange spot all about onions.The ad aims to show that shooting 4K video on the iPhone 6s makes anything look beautiful — even someone just chopping an onion.

10. Ride-sharing service Lyft launched its first TV ad. The 60-second spot, created by ad agency Made Movement, depicts a traffic jam so heinous it turns into a pileup.

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