The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Fabian barthez
French publishers are successfully fighting back against ad blocking. Laurence Griffiths /Allsport

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. IPG CEO Michael Roth on diversity, Yahoo, and why Arianna Huffington told him off. Roth was in a jovial mood when Business Insider caught up with him at Advertising Week Europe in London last week.

2. The most creative Snapchat storytellers are getting celebrity treatment in the app. On Saturday a new channel in the US opened up showcasing the 10 best Snapchat stories.

3. More than 10 companies want to buy Yahoo, with some willing to pay $8 billion for the core business. Yahoo has received more than 10 bids for its core internet business, from the likes of Verizon, YP Holdings, TPG, and a group of investors comprised of Bain Capital and Vista Equity Partners

4. Nearly one out of two Indians haven’t heard about Apple. Apple has one of the strongest brands in the world, but there are still countries where the glowing apple logo is not quite ubiquitous yet.

5. This is the number that made analysts nervous on Google’s earnings call. The cost of the one-off deals that Google strikes, to make sure that its search engine is the default option, went up by 33% year-over-year.

6. Here’s the video of that former ad agency CEO — now facing a sex discrimination lawsuit — making a rape joke. The video of Gustavo Martinez was published online by lawyers of the company’s chief communications officer Erin Johnson on Thursday.

7. LinkedIn is doubling down on one key growth area. For the first time, Sponsored Updates surpassed 50% of the revenue from its advertising business.

8. French publishers find tougher tactics actually work with ad-block users. Sports daily newspaper L’Equipe saw the highest percentage of ad blockers whitelist the site: around 40 per cent, reports Digiday.

9. Chipotle’s $70 million free burrito strategy may finally be bringing customers back to the chain. Customers using coupons to get free food from Chipotle are eating at the chain more than twice as much as customers who haven’t received a coupon, according to a new survey.

10. A Chinese vlogger sold an ad slot for $3.4 million. The star, nicknamed Papi Jiang, had been ordered to cut out swear words from her monologues by China’s media regulator, but this seems to have boosted interest from advertisers, reports Ad Age.

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