The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Ben Silbermann
Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann talks advertising. Getty / Michael Kovac

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Yahoo could lose a deal that pays it about $100 million a year in pure profit if any of these things happen. A closer look at the actual terms of Yahoo’s deal with Yahoo Japan shows the royalties could come to an end under certain conditions.

2. Here’s what Wall Street is saying about Yahoo’s weak earnings and shrinking core business. Most analysts are looking ahead to the sale of the company.

3. Why Google is “missing the point” when it says YouTube ads are better than TV commercials. Lindsey Clay, the CEO of UK commercial TV marketing body Thinkbox, responds to Google’s research study which claimed YouTube offers a higher return on investment than TV.

4. Piers Morgan admitted his relentless focus on the gun control debate “wasn’t good for ratings.” Despite leaving the CNN show earlier than many people than expected, Morgan told the audience at Advertising Week Europe on Wednesday he didn’t get fired.

5. Tinder CEO Sean Rad describes the perfect profile photo to get you the most matches. Data shows that when your photo expresses something about your interests, you will get more matches, Rad said speaking at Advertising Week Europe.

6. The CEO of $11 billion Pinterest reveals his thoughts on going public, crazy private markets, and advice for founders who don’t want to fail. Ben Silbermann talks about Pinterest’s shift in advertising strategy.

7. Target just took a big step for transgender customers. Target is getting widespread praise after publicly taking a position which allows transgender customers to use the bathroom or fitting room that matches their gender identity.

8. Quora has begun making money with the introduction of advertising. Question and answer site Quora has made its first push to make money, reports TechCrunch.

9. Shazam, the music detecting app, has made a big step in mobile advertising. Shazam for Brands offers data insights that the company has picked up on after analysing consumer engagement.

10. Sky TV growth is slowing as it cuts discounts. UK’s Sky added just 30,000 new TV customers in the three months to the end of March as the company shifted its marketing focus away from discounting to focus on the new high-end Sky Q service, The Guardian reports.

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