The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Snapchat VP of content Nick Bell explained the two biggest misconceptions about the app. Two of the biggest misconceptions facing Snapchat when it pitches its business to advertisers are that it’s expensive and that it only caters to young people.

2. Europe might hit Google with antitrust charges over Android today. EU charges would open up a second front in the regulatory battle between the European Commission and Google.

3. Google attacked TV, saying YouTube ads generate a better return on investment most of the time. Google concluded in its study that, at current spend levels, “YouTube delivers a higher return on investment than TV in 77% of studies.”

4. What Pinterest looks for in employees: “People who have more interests than time.” When hiring, the company looks for people who crave collaboration between divisions, because its designers and engineers work together very closely.

5. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer did not give a good answer to investors who want her fired. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer refused to share many details around the company’s sales process during its earnings call on Tuesday.

6. Google has mapped “tens of thousands” of UK stores to work out if serving you an online ad makes you visit a retailer. The analytics tool determines whether a person who clicked on an ad went on to visit a store, using data from Google Maps users on Android and Apple devices.

7. A writer who spent years following people whose lives were ruined by Twitter says online abuse is why the site is shrinking. Jon Ronson, author of “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed,” says a change of atmosphere on Twitter partially explains its declining user growth.

8. The only bright spot in Yahoo’s business nearly ground to a halt in Q1. Yahoo’s so-called Mavens businesses suffered a serious slowdown in revenue growth during the first quarter.

9. Yahoo’s former exec, who lost his job to Marissa Mayer, is now trying to buy the core business. Ross Levinsohn is a former Yahoo exec who briefly served as the company’s interim CEO in 2012.

10. The Diet Coke can has become completely unrecognizable. As Coke tries to convince customers to drink more soda, the company is completely changing the looks of some of its most famous beverages.

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