The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

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Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Here are the most exciting things Google announced at its giant conference. During the keynote of its three-day developers’ conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

2. A lawsuit claims an ad agency CEO “pressured” a female employee to get him free Viagra. The former president of Omnicom ad agency RAPP USA, Greg Andersen, has filed a lawsuit against the company’s global CEO Alexei Orlov which alleges “harassment.”

3. Google has caught up to Facebook in a key area. Google just announced at its I/O developers’ conference that it has now driven more than 2 billion app installs, allowing it to compete with Facebook on popular mobile app install ads.

4. Morgan Stanley: Retailers are turning to Facebook, Instagram, and Google to ward off the “Amazon effect.” More retail companies are recruiting consultancies and agencies to help position their Facebook and Instagram accounts as online shopping channels.

5. The guy who created the spoof anti-Trump billboard explained how he accidentally fooled the world. The London art director who created an image of a spoof anti-Trump billboard, which went viral globally, has discussed how it happened.

6. A top pro-Hillary super PAC is planning to spend twice as much as it did on Obama to back her against Trump. Priorities USA spent around $70 million on Obama but it is spending at least $136 million on Clinton.

7. More than half of the brands people associate with Euro 2016 are not even sponsoring the tournament. When 1,000 British people with an interest in the tournament were asked to list the five brands they most closely associated with it, 9% of them said Nike.

8. We collected 22 corporate logos that contain subliminal messages. Some companies give their logos barely noticeable double meanings to encourage us to look closer at them, increasing brand recognition.

9. 33 quintessentially “British” brands that are not really British. British brands are appreciated around the world for their quality and heritage, but many of them are actually owned by foreign companies.

10. Dazed Media’s chief commercial officer Will Hayward has departed to become CEO of Joe Media. Hayward will be responsible for leading the male-focused digital publisher’s two UK offices, according to The Drum.

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