The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Coca-colaCoca-cola FacebookSoft drinks companies are being hit hard in the UK.

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. An eHarmony-for-marketers has launched to make the process of choosing ad agencies less painful. Agency Geek uses algorithmic science to match businesses with with advertising, PR, branding, and web-development firms.

2. Ads on news sites gobble up as much as 79% of users’ mobile data. A study by Enders Analysis found that ad content accounted for between 18% and 79% of the mobile data transferred when loading up news articles.

3. Blue Moon made a drastic design change to get millennials’ attention. The brand is doubling down on the “craft” aspect of its marketing, with a brand revamp and a new series of ads.

4. Chipotle is giving away more free burritos. The company is sending out 21 million direct-mail coupons for free food in the coming weeks.

5. Major websites including the New York Times and BBC were hit by a malicious ad attack. The malware was delivered through multiple ad networks and used a number of vulnerabilities.

6. The UK announced a tax on sugar — and it’s scary news for Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The tax will be imposed directly on the soft drinks industry, which will raise an estimated £530 million (more than $745 million.)

7. Here’s one theory on which cable networks will die. Barclays analysts argue that an increase in supply of content will begin to crush marginal, fringe networks, specifically those under the umbrella of Viacom.

8. The Independent UK news website is hiring writers to do both native ads and edit content. With its print papers ceasing production soon, The Independent is being forced to quickly re-fashion itself, Digiday reports.

9. CNN is planning to pump $20 million into digital expansion plans. CNN plans to hire more than 200 new staff, while more than 50 current staff will lose their jobs, The Wall Street Journal reports.

10. Nike has unveiled its first self-lacing sneaker. It allows users to make the fit looser or snugger on the fly by pressing buttons on the side of the shoe.

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