The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Green apple
Apple wants to be known as the greenest tech company. Shutterstock

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. Yahoo just made changes that hint it expects to be sold soon. Yahoo just made changes that ensure all employees are entitled to their severance payments, even when just part of the business is sold.

2. The App Store is such a mess, Apple might make apps pay to appear in search. Apple has assembled a “secret team” of engineers to figure out ways to improve the increasingly overcrowded App Store.

3. A media startup with just 10 million readers a month is on pace to generate $20 million this year. In 2010, Ryan Harwood left Goldman Sachs to launch PureWow, a women’s lifestyle digital outlet.

4. How a tiny startup founded by former Googlers is helping Foursquare pivot its business. The company launched its programmatic ad platform, Pinpoint, in April 2015.

5. What 24 famous brands’ terrible websites looked like when they launched in the 1990s. We used the Wayback Machine, which archives old websites, to dig up the some of the most basic sites.

6. Four of the biggest media publishers in the US have formed an advertising company to take on The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Nucleus Marketing Solutions claims to reach more than 70% of consumers in the top 30 US advertising markets and 168 million online users.

7. Apple is portraying itself as the greenest company in Silicon Valley. Apple has placed a new campaign and banner image on the front page of the App Store, called Apps for Earth.

8. Ad tech company Phorm has gone bust and investors stand to lose every cent of the $284 million sunk into it. Shareholders will get nothing from any administration or liquidation.

9. These 15 charts show the biggest problem for any company that buys Yahoo. Yahoo’s growth has been stagnant under Mayer, and now some investors are calling for her replacement.

10. Orange explains why Euro 2016 sponsorship is still worth it — despite recent soccer scandals. This year Orange wants to focus on football fans rather than players.

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