The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. If you’ve seen sex ads on Twitter, you aren’t the only one. Twitter has been known to serve up some dubious ads in the form of “promoted” Tweets.

2. Apple added its top advertiser to its executive leadership page. Apple added Tom Myhren as a notable vice president on the senior leadership page on its website.

3. A US senator warned of “spying billboards” that turn mobile phones into “James Bond-like personal tracking devices.” New York Sen. Charles Schumer has dubbed Clear Channel Outdoor Americas’ so-called RADAR program “spying billboards,” warning the service may violate privacy rights.

4. BuzzFeed’s European general manager Kate Burns is out. Kate Burns has left the digital media publisher a little over a year after she joined the company.

5. This 100-year-old model appeared in Vogue. The British arm of the esteemed fashion publication has published an ad campaign for UK-based store Harvey Nichols, and it stars a 100-year-old woman.

6. Victoria’s Secret made an unprecedented decision — and it might be the savviest move it’s made yet. According Gabriella Santaniello, analyst and founder of A Line Partners, nixing swimwear was a brilliant decision.

7. Old Navy’s customers had a great response to trolls on Twitter. Some people on Twitter were angry about Old Navy’s ad featuring an interracial family, so others responded pictures of their own families with the caption “#LoveWins.”

8. A Chinese sportswear brand called Uncle Martian launched last week, and it appears to be openly ripping off Under Armour. Images from Uncle Martian’s launch show were shared widely on social media this week when people noticed the blatant similarities between the two sports clothing brands.

9. The woman who was almost Yahoo’s CEO says the company has become “mediocre” and needs a new owner. There was a time when Sue Decker was a star executive and shoo-in candidate for the CEO job at Yahoo.

10. Ad tech is having a premature midlife crisis. In the Gartner hype cycle, advertising technology is firmly stuck in the “trough of disappointment,” according to Digiday.

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