10 Million People Play This Game Every Day

dan porter omgpop draw something

Photo: Dan Porter, CEO of OMGPOP

OMGPOP’s Draw Something app, which is less than two months old, just blew past Zynga’s Words With Friends to become the most-played Facebook-connected game on a daily basis, according to AppData.As with all explosively popular apps, expect one of two things to happen: a larger social gaming company (we’re looking at you, Zynga) will make a move to buy OMGPOP, or someone will quickly come out with a copycat app.

Draw Something now has more than 10 million players accessing the app on a daily basis, according to AppData.

Players have downloaded Draw Something more than 20 million times, and the game brings in six figures in revenue on a daily basis, we reported earlier.

Success like this isn’t unheard of in the App Store. But it’s still quite a sight to see when it does happen.

(Nice catch by Kim-Mai Cutler over at TechCrunch.)

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