10 Media People You Must Follow On Tumblr

David KarpTumblr Founder, David Karp

Photo: Flickr: Jonan Basterra

Tumblr is no longer just a pleasant alternative to other blogging platforms, it’s become a household name, attracting 30,000,000 monthly visitors.The service is super simple to use, and because of that, has really taken off with those less aesthetically inclined. In other words, Tumblr has become the go-to channel for traditional media to unearth their creative voices.

You probably didn’t know that Brian Stelter was such a talented photographer, or that Liz Colville could make you laugh so much. However, thanks to Tumblr, we have a service that can finally exhibit the light-hearted personalities of our favourite media commentators.

Brian Stelter

Occupation: Media Reporter - The New York Times

Tumblelog: The Deadline

Why you should follow: When Stelter is taking a break from writing he uses Tumblr to post photos of his travels and where he's been recently in, and around New York City.

Devin Gordon

Occupation: Senior Editor - GQ Magazine

Tumblog: devingo

Why you should follow: Devin Gordon's Tumbelog is a mix of behind-the-scenes work at GQ, and hilarious commentary on mainstream media.

Mark Coatney

Emily Gould

Occupation: Author and former co-Editor at Gawker Media

Tumblelog: Things I Ate That I Love

Why you should follow: Emily Gould is an author and active blogger, but if you really want to keep tabs on her web presence, you need to follow her Tumblelog. Initially created as a food blog, Emily has become a Tumblr power-user, and now supplies daily commentary on anything she finds important.

Foster Kamer

Occupation: Writer at VillageVoice; former Gawker weekend Editor

Tumblelog: fosterkamer

Why you should follow: Kamer's Tumblog is packed with political and cultural satire. The outspoken writer from Village Voice isn't afraid to share his opinion on any issue, even if it means risking his day-job.

David Karp

Occupation: Founder - Tumblr

Tumblelog: davidslog

Why you should follow: What better way to learn how to use the service, than from the founder himself?

Rachel Sklar

Anthony De Rosa

Occupation: co-Founder - Neighborhoodr.com

Tumblelog: soupsoup

Why you should follow: Anthony De Rosa has mastered the art of Tumblr. His personal Tumblog is the one of few to ever reach the Technorati Top 100. De Rosa also co-Founded an entire hyperlocal news network, Neighborhoodr.com, leveraging the Tumblr platform.

Liz Colville

Occupation: co-Editor - The Hairpin

Tumblelog: veraville

Why you should follow: Tumblr is a perfect platform for the colourful personality of Liz Colville, who's commentary has developed an almost cult following. She has been working as a co-Editor of the new women's site, The Hairpin, which was profiled recently by David Carr in The New York Times.

Gillian Reagan

Occupation: Editor - Capital New York

Tumblelog: Shield Your Eyes

Why you should follow: Reagan has worked at a number of high-profile publications, and is the founding Editor of Capital; so needless to say, she knows a thing or two about the cultural scene in New York City. Anything that's not quite appropriate for mainstream media, you can find on her Tumblelog.

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