10 iPhone Apps To Help You Avoid Being Totally Bored Hanging Out With Your Family


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It’s OK, you don’t have to feel like a bad person. Your family can be boring and annoying. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them. It just means you’re a human.To escape for a few moments while you’re around them, we’ve put together a list of apps for the iPhone that should help get you through the holidays. The idea behind these apps is that you can take quick glances, or play in short bursts so no one notices that you’re blowing them off.

Tiny Wings

With Tiny Wings, you bounce up and down a bunch of hills flying through the air. You can play a quick game under the table without anyone noticing.

Price: $0.99


This is a Boggle-like word game. It's quick and easy to play. You can play against your friends who are trapped with their families or other random people.

Price: Free, $0.99 for upgrade.


There is no faster, easier way to catch a breath of fresh air than Twitter. If you're not using it, now might be a good time to give it a shot. When you're sick of hearing the same old story about your Uncle and Mother from when they were growing up, you can open Twitter under the table and see what's happening around the world in two minutes.

Price: Free


This is a fun free game that will give a minute of relief. Just race your bike around some loop-de-loops. It's like a mix of Tiny Wings and Angry Birds.

Price: Free


This one is a double winner. If you do take photos of the family, you can make them seem nicer than they really are with filters. And if you don't want to take photos of the family, you can just scroll through the feed of other people's photos.

Price: Free


Prismatic is one of those news apps that delivers stories tailored to your interests. It's going to be a little slow on the news front during the holidays, but Prismatic will help you find some good stories. You could even end up being able to start a fresh topic of conversation!

Price: Free

Super Hexagon

Another super simple game. You move a little triangle in circles trying to avoid touching walls that are closing in you.

Price: $0.99


At some point the family will be talking and some YouTube video will come up. Instead of letting something try to inadequately describe the video, pull out your iPhone and show them the video. There are many benefits to this. 1. You distract everyone into silence. 2. You might get to sneak in a second video that's fun. 3. When you go to put away the phone you can grab an extra minute or two to check Twitter.

Price: Free


Send discreet messages to your friends with Snapchat. It's the hip new way to communicate.

Price: Free

The End

It's like Temple Run, but our Tools writer Kevin Smith thinks it's more fun. Your character is running and running and you keep him out of trouble.

Price: Free


Don't forget two classics: Facebook and Angry Birds.

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