10 Investment Rules For The Very Wealthy


Seeking Alpha’s Mark Sunshine presents 10 investment tips for the super rich, to keep you from becoming another Madoff victim.

Seeking Alpha:

  • Uber-Country Clubs Aren’t A Great Place To Make Investment Decisions
  • Ronald Reagan Was Right; Trust But Verify
  • Don’t Invest In Stuff You Don’t Have Time To Figure Out; Buy Treasury Bonds Instead
  • Don’t Invest In Stuff You Don’t Understand
  • Try To Use Common Sense
  • Risk and Return Are Correlated — The Higher The Return The Higher The Risk
  • Leverage Increases Risk, A Lot
  • Cheap Isn’t The Same As Valuable
  • If Management Act Like Thugs, Don’t Invest, Even If They Are Really Well Dressed Ivy League-Educated Thugs
  • When In Doubt Re-Read The First Nine Rules And Then Don’t Invest